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Ville Platte, LA

B & S Grocery, Meat Market, & Used Cars

Over the years the business has grown.  In 1992, Bobby's son-in-law, Scott Dupre', began working with him 7 days a week in the store. Due to the highway expansion in 1994, B&S Grocery was completely rebuilt right behind the old wooden store.  Once the new store opened, Scott became his assistant manager.  In 2002, Scott and Amy Dupre' purchased the store from her father, Bobby.  The grocery store continues to sell fresh & smoked meats, as well as cooked cajun foods in the deli.  In April of 2014, B& S expanded to include a used car lot on the property.

Lee and Rose Dupre kept the store for 5 years and then sold it.  It exchanged owners 16 times by 1983, before coming into the hands of their grandson, Bobby Dupre, and his wife Sandra.  He reopened the store that had been built by his grandparents.  It is then it got it's name, B&S Corner Grocery & Meat Market.  His staff, besides himself, consisted of a part time butcher and a full time cashier.  Sandra worked with him when she was able, but she was a full time bus driver, so her help was limited to after school hours and weekends. 

How B&S Grocery Began

In 1946, Lee and Rose Dupre opened a small store on the Opelousas Highway.  It was an ordinary country store.  They sold groceries, dry goods, and a little of everything.  

"We've kept it in the family!"

Bobby Dupre